The Ocean Wooden Pin Set

When it comes to the ocean, and more particularly being out on the ocean, there’s something about the feeling it evokes that resonates so deeply with the joys, fears, and struggles we experience in everyday life. It’s the exhilaration, or fear, of being out of our element and knowing that our entire livelihood depends on the quality of our boat and the skill of the one steering it. Similarly, life can be full of joys but it can also be daunting at times as we struggle through the hard times, unsure of whether or not we have what it takes to make it through. This series was inspired by these themes and a few of the ideas that have helped carry me through the good times and the bad. Set includes all 4 pins, Dreams, The Storm, The Light and Anchor Deep Laser engraved and cut from solid cherry wood. Measures 1.25" in diameter.